New Product Names for EDSI Doorset Range

European Doorsets have recently made the decision to re-name our whole product range.

Our new product names are based on the overall performance of each doorset and will be specified on all quotations moving forward followed by the fire-rating. All other aspects of our quotation remains the same and shall be submitted complete with specification notes on a separate document to accompany the excel quote.

Our new Product Names include; Fortis; Signum; Sonus; Hygienaclad; Ignis; Vindico; and Externus.


Please see below a detailed description for each.

Our Fortis range of doorsets are our high performance doorsets for fire and durability and are primarily used in Education, Health, Commercial, Ecclesiastical and M.O.D establishments etc. With fire rating up to FD60 and durability cycle testing of doorsets to over 1,000,000 cycles, these doors are designed around high performance. Doors will be manufactured from a solid 3-layer monolithic core (620kg/m3 min average; BSDD171 Severe Duty). Fortis doors are hardwood lipped all edges.

Our Signum range of doorsets is aimed at the volume market where standard sized doors are required and are geared more so around aesthetics rather than high performance. They can typically be found in hotels, student accommodation, apartments, etc. Standard size 44mm thick veneered doors will have a solid chipboard core with lippings to all four edges, complimentary hardwood to two long edges. Pairs of doors, 54mm thick doors and non-standard sized doors will be manufactured from a solid 3-layer monolithic core (620kg/m3min average; BSDD171Severe Duty) with hardwood lippings to all four edges.

Our Sonus range of doorsets is our high performance acoustic doors geared around an ever evolving minefield of legislation. Acoustic performance should be judged on the Rw rating as this is the recognised mark of performance average weighted and not just a dB figure. Our Sonus range of doorsets is tested to reach up to 44dB Rw which offer a cost effective high performance acoustic door. Superior to this is our Sonus+ range of timber doorsets with test evidence up to 52dB. Acoustically certified glazed side screens and standalone screens to a wide range of sizes/ configurations are also available to in excess of 70dB.

Our Hygienaclad range is designed for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. These doorsets are installed typically in locations such as Hospital Wards, Operating Theatres and Laboratories. Our Hygienaclad doorsets are finished in a 2mm PVC facing, post-formed to edges and are tested to Severe Duty for durability and high performance. Our Hygienaclad doorsets can also achieve a fire-rating up to FD60 and a sound reduction of 32dB. PVC is durable and easy to keep clean, making it most suitable for the health and clinical environment.

Our Ignis doorsets provide a high performance fire-rating to doorsets requiring a 90 minute or 120 minute fire resistance. Ignis doorsets are constructed using specialist materials and each fire-rating can achieve an acoustic rating up to 38dB.

Our Vindico range of doorsets is our lead-lined doorsets specifically designed for high-radiation environments such as X-Ray and Screening Rooms within Hospitals. Our lead-lined doorsets are available in a range of finishes including veneer, laminate and paint-grade and can also be supplied PVC post-formed for cleanliness within the hospital environment.

Our Externus range of doorsets is designed specifically for external use. These doorsets are available with a fire-rating up to FD60 and can achieve a 32dB acoustic rating. These external doorsets have a laminated timber core lipped all round and are finished in an external primer ready for painting on site.