Sonus (Acoustics)

wrap_images_sonosOur Sonus range of doorsets is our high performance acoustic doorsets geared around an ever evolving minefield of legislation. Acoustic performance should be judged on the Rw rating as this is the recognised mark of performance average weighted and not just a dB figure.

Our Sonus range of doorsets is tested to reach up to 44dB Rw which offer a cost effective solution to high performance acoustic doorsets. Superior to this is our Sonus+ range of timber doorsets with test evidence up to 52dB.

As a complete package, acoustically certified glazed side screens and standalone screens are also available to a wide range of sizes / configurations in excess of 70dB.

Acoustic doorsets can be supplied to a variety of environments such as school music rooms or hospital wards and can be tailored around a variety of finishes from veneered, laminated, or paint-grade, and in single, pair or leaf and a half configuration.

European Doorsets have full capabilities when it comes to acoustic doorsets. All of our acoustic doorsets and acoustic screens are manufactured in-house by our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art CNC machinery. With the quality construction and correct installation of components critical, a high level of sound attenuation is achieved.